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The Digihelix Identity System uses a distributed mobile architecture framework to guarantee the secure delivery of a User’s validated ID from our H3lix™ Verification Cloud (HVC) to any system it is connected to. Our system is standards based and meets the highest security requirements such as FIPS140-2, HIPAA, PCI DSS and Sarbanes–Oxley. Within our H3lix™ Verification Cloud we have created and developed our H3lix™ Engine technology.

The H3lix™ Engine utilizes a multi-layer, standards based cryptographic algorithms, to encrypt/decrypt a proposed ID of any individual user. Keys will be utilized at each step of the process to ensure the security and validity of the user and the “application” once each layer has been verified.

Exposed User Records

(User names, customer IDs, passwords, debit or credit card numbers)

1.3 Billion records exposed so far in 2014
822 Million records exposed in 2013
264 Million records exposed in 2012
413 Million records exposed in 2011
95 Million records exposed in 2010

Exposed Records by Location
United States
Rest of the World
Statistics sourced from: Open Security Foundation and Risk Based Security

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